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Martyr of Gowanus

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Feature Film


SAG UPA Agreement – Interim Agreement

Shoots late September/Early October in NYC


Dominican-American Male, 15 years old. Mercedes’ younger brother. Second generation immigrant so he’s somewhat divided between two cultures. He lacks family structure so is susceptible to bad choices. He may act tough but deep down he’s a sensitive kid with a good heart. When Gavin meets him, he tries to mentor and guide him away from the tough guys . Ideally can speak/understand Spanish but not required. SUPPORTING ($1500/ 5 day Week – 6-7 days of work)


Dominican-American male, 21 years old. Somewhat of a tough guy with a temper. Can handle himself on the street. He is Angel’s cousin, and is trying to get him involved with his crew. Must be able to speak/understand Spanish. 4 Scenes, 36 lines. ($400/day – 2-3 days of work)


Dominican or Puerto Rican male in his early 20’s. A bit of a tough guy who can use his hands when needed. Not highly intelligent. He is George’s friend, and works with him to try to get Angel to be part of their crew. Must be able to speak Spanish. 4 scenes, 4 lines. ($350/Day – 2-3 days of work)


Black male in his 20s. A small-time drug dealer, who runs the neighborhood. In good physical shape with a hard exterior edge. He likes knowing that people fear him. 3 scenes, 15 lines. ($400/day – 2 days of work)


Male in his 20s, who appears to be of Middle Eastern or Arabic descent, though definitely Americanized. Medium size build. Works at the local corner store. A regular face in the neighborhood, trying to navigate the tensions after 9/11. 6 scenes, 7 lines ($400/day – 2 days of work)


Latino male in his 40s-50s. Immigrant from a Spanish speaking country who started his own painting business. A kind and generous man. He cares about his employees and his work. Proud to call himself an American. 3 scenes, 12 lines. ($400/day – 1-2 days of work)


Black male in his 20s. Lives in a housing project and works with a small-time drug dealer. One of Melvin’s henchman. 1 scene, 2 lines. ($300/day – 1-2 days of work)


Latino male in his 20s. A bit of a tough guy. Works with a small-time drug dealer in a housing project. One of Melvin’s henchmen. 1 scene, 2 lines. ($300/day – 1-2 days of work)


Dominican female in her 50s-60s. High energy, loud. Passionate about her grandchildren Mercedes and Angel. A proud woman. Speaks mostly Spanish. 3 scenes, 8 lines. ($300/day – 1 day of work)


A Brooklyn man, struggling with loneliness and rejection, is inspired by the attacks of 9/11 to improve his life and protect a teenage boy he meets in the neighborhood. As his anger and isolation merge with his unhealthy sense of duty and honor, it leads to his self destruction.

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